Set Screws, Square Head

Our "Special" Square Head Cup Point Screw Sets were specifically developed for the Pipe Hanger Trade in 1977 after several years of design and production changes.

Our Set Screw is made different from the standard set screw. The Square Head is formed in the Heading Die, which eliminates the trimming operation. The Cup Point is formed on the Set Screw at the time the threads are being rolled on, which eliminates the shaving operation.

Two major benefits are realized with these set screws:

  • DIE FORMED SQUARE HEADS: These "Special" HEADS STAY ON THE FEED TRACK OF THE AUTOMATED ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS because they are always concentric with the body of the screw having been formed in the header die. This eliminates the automatic assembly problems caused by irregular or off-centered DIE TRIMMED SCREW HEADS.
  • ROLLED CUP POINTS: These "Special" Cup Points provide deeper penetration into the "I Bean" to satisfy UL requirements.